Growing and creating together with GlassGoddessNgraving. Making memories that last.

I have always had a need to create things,making something truly unique. I never could seem to go with the flow of the accepted or expected. I've been up to something creative since I can remember. I began to sew at four years old , because I wanted all of my Stuffed animals to have hearts , and my mother was tired of sewing them up.
We never had alot of extra growing up, and my mom spent every spare minute making crafts which she sold to help foot the cost of Birthdays and Christmas with three little girls. I learned alot from her , up late at night putting together beautiful memories.

My first introduction to glass work came at the begining of the 90's. My father (an autobody technician) discovered he could sandblast on glass and it was beautiful. My mother drew and cut the stencils and he sandblasted. I was amazed.

As years went on I kept on crafting, having small children of my own to provide for. I painted murals, sewed stuffed animals, and made fairy dolls. There wan't much that I didn't do.

I got sick in 2008 , suddenly I was having allergy attacks bad enough to put me in the hospital. I wasn't just reacting to food or bee sting, but to about 200 things including, dust , soap, paint, dye, chalk. Suddenly I felt like I had been locked into my bubble and couldn't touch anything.

While watching videos on youtube, I rediscovered glass art, but this time it was done by hand using a micro drill. I watched the lovely Lesley Pyke with wonder. She was making beautiful art, and the details were finer than my Father had ever been able to accomplish sandblasting. There were no paints or chemicals. The only thing I would be handling was glass dust, which is like fine sand.

I emailed Lesley and she was quick to reply with enough info to get me started.

I knew my husband owned a micro drill, and had diamond points. (He's a tool guy) I robbed his tool box and sat down to a glass vase.

I was jittery with the first piece I did, so sure the thin and delicate glass would explode as the drill tip touched it, but it didn't and a couple of hours later I was looking at a beautiful poodle pup. I gave this first piece to my Grandmother. She treasured it an encouraged me to do more.

For the next two years I made glass art, learning new techniques and tools. Working with new shapes and gifting my family with it for every occasion. My mother would get a box for her birthday and say "I wonder what kind of glass I got."

After being berated by my husband and family I finaly decided to let my Joy out into the world. Before I came here to Etsy I did a festival, bringing over 300 pieces of my work. I didn't care about money, I wanted to see people react. I saw it for two straight days, and just as my husband had told me all along ,the reaction was wonderful. People from every walk of life stood in amazement. My heart lept with every gasp , and every smile. I watched old friends go to new homes, and even felt a little sad. I came home convinced it was time to let my work travel out into the world and came here to Etsy.

I'm notoriously bad about sending out pieces I don't get photos of. It something I have the hardest time getiing myself to do. Let's face it I wanted to be an engraver , not a photographer.

When I'm not working on Etsy projects and custom orders, I am dealing with my wonderful local customers. They get to say "I'll have my engraver make Mom's gift, she likes one of a kind." It is my honor and joy to provide them an option that stands out.

So when I'm not engraving, what do I do? I'm with my husband and children most of the time. My children are my world and I delight in most everything they do. They have such varied talents and interests. I try my best to help them to cultivate those things that they enjoy. They are musical, artistic, imaginative, smart and most of all loud. :)

My husband is my best friend, we can sit on our front porch and talk daily life, news and gardening until the wee hours of the night. Somedays I forget what a gift he is.

I infected him with the gardening bug. When I got sick all of my flowers were melting in the summer heat and I just couldn't do a thing about it. He took up my slack, put in a water system for me that would take care of all my watering with the push of a button, and somewhere along the way he became a gardener. Sorry honey, there's no cure.

The creating becomes infectous too, I look across the room and see a husband who makes beautiful metal scupture, a daughter who draws and paints and writes songs. I see a teenage son who sculpts with clay. Even a 7 year old who paints with oils and worships the ground Bob Ross walks on.I also see a 6 year old that can add numbers in the billions, but we're not sure what planet he's from.

When you buy handmade , that what YOU help to grow. That too is infectous.

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